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Nobel Quest specializes in technological re-engineering for Trade and Shipping.

Our focus has always been on what is most needed and providing the best that suits the universal market. It all started with the vision of disrupting the traditional procurement system where layers of intermediaries were intertwined for hidden profit with  lack of transparency.

With our  registered office in Estonia  and  R&D center in India, we have established a strong foundation   with an vibrant motivated team,  having  the right  expertise  for integrating  Big data  analytics, Algorithms, Machine Learning and  Blockchain  to  consolidate benefits  for  our  Clients   and  Users.

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Why Portmate ?

The ship supply industry has historically featured numerous middlemen and many a times, resulted inefficient procurement process that wastes time, money and resources. This traditional approach has entailed missed deliveries, incorrect product delivery, poor quality control, and a lack of pricing transparency.

That’s why Portmate is an unique marketplace, where Owners’ and Vessels can secure their requirements at any port of call by vetted suppliers, who pass through competitive process of online bidding; evaluation & execution ensuring 100% satisfaction to Buyers.

Portmate  is a cloud based Saas Web Solution and   can also  be   directly integrated into  Clients Purchasing / FMS / Supply  Systems.  Our platform works with almost any shipboard system, allowing easy creation of Enquiry lists, favorites look up, or need-based time tables.  Enquiries uploaded are transmitted to network members  of that Port automatically and  simultaneously bids received within deadline are aggregated  at Buyers’ System – for their final discretion either on pricing or supplier  preference. Accredited Buyers also have the option to choose rolling credit payment terms  or pay upfront post delivery to receive further discount.


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Total Spend

US$ Billion (Est)


Essential marine services & supplies


Ship Supplies

Repair & Maintenance

Inspection & Surveys

Marine Service

Port Services








How it works

Buyer post RFQ
Suppliers Bid
Buyers issue P.O
Supplier Fullfil
Compliance Portmate
Deal Done

Portmate unleashes
The power of Tech coupled by Intelligence


Create value to Customers through necessary tools to enhance operations and procurement


Make life easy by providing user experience that is friendly, efficient and simple


With latest tech to revolutionize traditional maritime operations and open up unexploited opportunities


Provide fair market to all participants to operate freely within a secure environment.


Adhere to protocols on procurement expenditures that are contracted and approved based on a set of established guidelines.


Look at historical spending trends: by ship, portwise at the granular level, and pivot budgets for control variance.

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Online platform for maritime buyers and suppliers

You know you did well, when all your efforts unexpectedly started to pay off.
@ Portmate: clients and companies come together with fair wind following seas

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Shipowners, Ship Managers, Masters, Agents, Offshore EPC Integrate Portmate in their Procurement Process to Streamline Supplies & Services for effective Savings & Compliance


Quality and trustworthy Ship Chandlers and Service Providers register with Portmate to secure more exposure and wide opportunity to offer their services

Ahoy !

Portmate is a pioneering project initiated by veterans in Shipping along with the best of minds in Information Technology at Nobel Quest. It all started with the vision to disrupt the traditional procurement system wherein layers of intermediaries were intertwined for hidden profiteering with lack of transparency.

Many vessel owners and operators view IoT, data analytics and predictive maintenance as theoretical concepts when it is already being practiced elsewhere! The way the shipping industry is approaching digitalization is very piecemeal and reactive. It is a culture of only requesting solutions for specific issues as opposed to approaching digital transformation in a more strategic, long-term approach.


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   Your Portmate at    your side    Always!

Providing immediate assistance in a fast-paced environment is vitally important! We offer 24/7 support through our live chat, telephone and e-mail.

   Your Portmate at your side

Providing immediate assistance in a fast-paced environment is vitally important! We offer 24/7 support through our live chat, telephone and e-mail.